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Aya Lawliet
09 October 2013 @ 02:32 pm
I just updated my layout, so I feel like writing something here...

The layout is so cute!

On August (this year), I finally met those 4 guys on the banner XD

Finally! (´;ω;`)

Osaka Jou Hall, August 24th 2013 □♡▽○



I've been through a lot of hardships just to see them XD

Maybe I will write about it on my next post.

Aya Lawliet

Yo! Biar ga lupa... XD

flumpool's 4th Tour ~僕達はここにいる~
14-15 May 2011 at Nagoya Congress Center

絆を胸に秘め 僕も歩き出すCollapse )


Aya Lawliet
19 May 2011 @ 03:08 pm

I went to Matsubara, Osaka ||| \( ̄▽ ̄;)/ |||ワーイ?


隆太のことがそんなに好きなの?( ̄-  ̄ ) ンー



It was surprisingly pretty easy to get Matsubara from Tennoji. I only took Kintetsu Line for 250 Yen, and about 10-15 minutes I already arrived at Kawachi Matsubara Station. I didn’t even know where I wanted to go at Matsubara, so I just went around the station area. I went to Kintetsu Plaza and then out of the station to the junior high school nearby. I don’t know if that school is Ryuta-Genki-Kazuki’s junior high school or not since there are some junior high school in Matsubara. It’s a public school though.

Matsubara is a nice city (I think XD). It was just a few moments, but I could feel that somehow when I was there.

four-leaf cloverCollapse )
Aya Lawliet
16 May 2011 @ 03:41 pm

Ryuta's friend named Haruo (the guy on A-Studio who told that there is no way Ryuta would be a good teacher LOL). I met him at Nagoya yesterday. I talked to him before the live started. He knew that I came from Indonesia, and he said something like "Sugoi ne!!" XD

Whatever... But I'm happy to be able to talk with Ryuta's friend LOL

I really hope that he will tell Ryuta about me (in your imagination!! XD)

Aya Lawliet
29 December 2010 @ 12:04 am
A memoir for myself since I tend to forget everything :

Beautiful serenade...Collapse )
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Aya Lawliet
22 May 2010 @ 01:59 pm
These four lump pool guys~

Yes, I came to flumpool's concert on May 18th at Grand Cube Osaka. Thanks to aerianta who helped me to get the ticket. Can't thank you enough, Bonnie! The show is so much fun ^o^

Kore kara indonesia-go ni hanashimasu...Collapse )
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Aya Lawliet
22 July 2008 @ 08:23 am
I reupload the 20080720 ItteQ... But it's not the full show... Only Tegoshi's part. I'd love to upload the full show, but it will take me a few hours =____= My internet is really suck on uploading things. Snail's speed~ T____T Ahh~ actually, this Tegoshi's part is meaningless... He even didn't talk on this episode T____T But at least we can see Tegoshi sits and looks so pretty here. And we can see his dorkable laughing too!! It's enough for a crazy fangirl like me~ XD  This episode was really nice btw (just in case you are planning on watching the full show, you can find it on windjp or baidu ^^)... The theme is umi (sea)... ItteQ is really a great tv show!! I really love it <3 And Imoto is back!! YAY!! XD She's great!! ~^___^~

Ok, here goes... The 20080720 ItteQ (Tegoshi's part only XD)

Download link : MediaFire
Size : 45.7 MB
Duration : 4m 11s
Credit : Bananazly Baidu